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RDTech has grown to become one of the foremost IT equipment and IT solutions providers in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region. Our company provides exceptional benefits to our customers through the leasing of printers & copiers, Print Management, Document Management, sales and maintenance of computers, advanced business software, and other IT equipment. We help organizations reduce administrative costs through Document and Print management software and other Business Process Automation that improve overall efficiency.

RDTech takes pride in its reputation for excellent customer service, and has successfully served a diverse set of customers including large and small businesses, government and educational institutions, and non-profits.

When you work with RDTech, you can expect competitive pricing and a focus on long-term value; honest and attentive customer service; and values that are aligned with your organization’s mission.


RDTech will provide value-added business services with a focus on meeting customer requirements with high quality, cutting-edge technology. The company will strive to develop rewarding relationships with its partners, employees, and suppliers and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.


People: We value our people, including customers, employees, and suppliers.

Service: We are committed to honest, reliable, and high-quality services

Technology: We will utilize the latest, most cost-effective technology to deliver services to our customers.

Loyalty: We commit to long-standing relationships with customers in the business, non-profit, and government sectors


Rwanda Dimension Technology is a limited company founded in October 2005 by a small group of Rwandan and American entrepreneurs. Since then, the sale of IT & printing equipment and services has been our core business, and we have worked to make document management more affordable for the public and private sectors. Our customers vey in size from large businesses and universities with multiple campuses to smaller businesses, but we serve all with excellence.

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