Learn together, and work smarter equipped with the ultimate collaboration tools.
Collaborate with a powerful all-in-one platform that offers you an immersive human experience through your computer, tablet, or mobile device anywhere, anytime. A fully interactive web conferencing environment and asynchronous voice authoring capabilities allow for greater engagement so that you are not missing a thing.

Why Us? Why consider online collaboration tools?

Working together is hard work for a lot of reasons. You likely have teammates who work in different locations and different hours. Plus, everyone’s work is now spread across multiple apps. Thanks to the rise of computer technology, collaboration has often come to involve an interaction between corporate culture and technology, using digital team collaboration tools to unite team members from different locations.

Collaboration endpoints

Video, IP phones, web, mobile, and desktop clients bring people together. We use them to streamline communications and enhance the user experience.

Conferencing and messaging

Video and web conferencing infrastructure enable employees to present, share, and collaborate in real-time anywhere, on any device.


Physical space design and collaboration technology converge. Virtual rooms bring dispersed teams together to speed decision-making.

Our collaboration tools support your daily business operations by tackling:

Managers, leads, and teammates often miss important updates because they can’t see them

Everyone wastes time searching for info, figuring out what to work on, and duplicating work. 

Managers and leads don’t know what their teams are working on and waste time holding status meetings

innovation and excellence

Innovation and excellence drive our success and progress. Together, they fuel our growth and continuous improvement. We thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape with this powerful combination.


We value our people, including customers, employees, and suppliers.


RDTECH has always been committed to honest, reliable, and high-quality

Service Technology:

We will utilize the latest, most cost-effective technology to deliver services to our customers.


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