Money Counting System
RDTECH has experience in delivering modern banknote management by providing reliable money-counting machines and banknote managing solutions, our business has gradually taken root in the Rwandan market.

About The Product

Money counters are used in all the places where companies wish to count, check, sort and pack large quantities of cash. Automating these processes rather than performing them manually makes them more secure, efficient and cost-effective: Counterfeits are identified more reliably, manual counting and checking processes are no longer required, administrative effort is reduced, and strain is taken off employees.

Our Product

After 18 years of steady development, RDTECH LTD has become a reliable partner nationally. Our products include Bill counter, Banknote sorter, Coin counter, Coin sorter, Money detector and Deposit modules.

innovation and excellence

Innovation and excellence drive our success and progress. Together, they fuel our growth and continuous improvement. We thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape with this powerful combination.


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RDTECH has always been committed to honest, reliable, and high-quality

Service Technology:

We will utilize the latest, most cost-effective technology to deliver services to our customers.


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