What Is Endpoint Protection Software?
Endpoint protection software is a cybersecurity solution that examines files, processes, and system activity for suspicious or malicious indicators. Sometimes referred to as an endpoint protection platform (EPP), endpoint protection software offers a centralized management console from which administrators can monitor, protect, investigate, and respond to incidents across all endpoints, including computers, mobile devices, servers, and connected devices.

Ask any question about what has happened in the past – and what is happening now

Our endpoint protection platform gives you the tools to ask detailed questions when hunting down threats and strengthening your IT security operations posture. The same tools equip you to protect devices, workloads, and data at an infinite scale.

Visibility That Never Blinks

Superhuman visibility across every corner of the enterprise. Autonomously ingest, connect, and query petabytes of data in real time. Singularity EPP builds complete stories with machines.

Bulletproof Defence

Military-grade protection that is on-duty 24/7/365. Autonomously repel cyberattacks in real-time with Artificial Intelligence. Singularity EPP performs at faster speeds and higher accuracy than humanly possible.

Respond. Automate. Repeat.

The industry’s first and only cybersecurity autonomous technology. Automatically respond, remediate, and reverse without a single click. Singularity EPP resolves alerts, so you don’t have to, at the machine speed.

Our Endpoint Security includes these security modules:

Prevents threats from accessing systems, scans files automatically when they are accessed, and runs targeted scans for malware on client systems.

Monitors communication between the computer and resources on the network and the Internet; it also intercepts suspicious communications.

Monitors web searching and browsing activity on client systems and blocks websites and downloads  based on safety rating and content.

Analyses content from your enterprise and decides how to respond based on file reputation, rules, and reputation thresholds. Adaptive Threat Protection is an optional module of Endpoint Security.

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