Rwanda Dimension Technology is one of the foremost IT equipment and printing solutions providers in Rwanda and the larger Great Lakes Region. Since the company’s founding in 2005, RDTech has successfully served the diverse business technology needs of the East African commercial sector as well as Government, non-profit, educational, and home IT users.


Rwanda Dimension Technology- The Group

Rwanda Dimension Technology is a limited company founded in October 2005 by a small consortium of Rwandan and American entrepreneurs. Since our founding, the sale of IT equipment & Printing equipment and services has become our chief focus and we have continually endeavored to make computers and printing equipment more affordable for the public. Our business is based on the idea that a firm such as RDTech must keep abreast of all the rapid and continuous changes in information technology.



RDTech will provide value-added business services with a focus on meeting customer requirements with high quality, cutting-edge technology, and ultimately, returns for its shareholders. The company will strive to develop rewarding relationships with its partners, employees, and suppliers and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.



People: We value our people, including customers, employees, and suppliers.

Service: RDTech has always been committed to honest, reliable, and high-quality

ServiceTechnology: We will utilize the latest, most cost-effective technology to deliver services to our customers. Loyalty: We commit to long-standing relationships with customers in the business, non-profit, and government sectors